Education CRM Software in Australia

Best CRM Software in Australia

It’s a well-known fact that higher education of all types – public, for profit and not for profit, private – is under financial press in nowadays economy. To push through these rising problems of falling revenues and rising costs, your educational institution needs a Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software primed, customized and deployed by CloudZ Solution. This CRM system is often called “Constituent Relationship Management” among higher education circles. With the increasingly changing and competitive market, educational institutions are keen on establishing and managing good relationships with key constituent groups. This keeps the alumni, matriculated and prospective students and businesses more properly and effectively. Our customized Education CRM software in Australia solution can help your educational organizations grow revenues, trim expenses, dramatically improve the cost and quality effectiveness of the recruitment process and stabilize existing relations with students as well as determine potential donors.

We can help you build stronger relationships with students and other constituents. With CloudZ now you can enrich and support the student life cycle by strengthening relationships with candidates, students, and alumni using tools such as online self-service and call center CRM software. The best part is how our education CRM software adapts to the unique contextual characteristics and requirements of institutional end users on the go.

Get secure access of essential information by student, faculty, and alumni and empower them to manage and control their information, This gives the administrators more time to actively concentrate on activities and processes that would have a rewarding impact on the University/School—such as focusing on satisfying the student and retention programs.

Our Zoho ecosystem of tools will kick start the marketing and campaigns that attract the targeted segment as well as help in raising funds. This helps the University/School to meet their goals such as meeting the target student enrollment for a program. Personalized mailing campaign would help to initiate and maintain communication can be of huge help too. The institute can monitor the prospect’s responses and initiate follow-up communications appropriately and easily with the touch of a button. Depending on the information furnished by the student the educational institution we can then customize the home page and portal to suit the candidate.

Manage Admissions
Manage the complete student admissions lifecycle from one single Zoho CRM platform. Once the software is customized, developed and deployed by CloudZ you can access the course & program the student is admitted, complete details of student’s batch & roll no, academic documents and all other tasks that are required in completing the admission process. Streamline your admissions operations today by identifying and recruiting the best candidates, engaging them more successfully and improving enrollment results.
Track Potential Leads
Digital channels are preferred by students to gather information about their dream schools and colleges. The Zoho CRM systems come with integrated tracking tools that let you track leads through multiple engagement programs including print, email, and invitations to both online and physical events and evaluate their feasibility. This gives your institutions the ability to track which websites a certain student used to find you. Get smarter marketing budget planning, & allocating resources to the most effective marketing campaigns with Zoho CRM.
Handle Student Inquiries
Deliver high-quality service by making follow-ups for every inquiry. Keep a record of every interaction with the student during the counseling process with our software. Maintain and enhance the communication process between your academic institution and the student and boost efficiency.
CRM Software in Australia
Best CRM Software in Australia
Streamline Teacher Evaluations
Eliminate archaic paper process today. Help increase consistency and efficiency for the teacher certification process and other career-related processes. Get your tasks streamlined so that you can devote resources to finding and placing the best and brightest teachers.
Monitor Fee Payments & Reminders
Every education institute needs an efficient fee management tool to run their finance operations smoothly. With Zoho’s Artificial Intelligence system Zia, you can choose to automate the fee payment process to avoid discrepancies and human errors for hassle-free operation.
Build Long Lasting Alumni Relations
Our CRM equips you with the tools that your institution needs to manage personal connections and networks with the alumni community. Alumni can help students define their career goals and provide key networking contacts to assist in the transition from graduation to employment. They can also aid in raising funds. Build long-lasting relationships with CloudZ Solution powered by Zoho.
Enrich Student Life Cycle Management
Take advantage of every opportunity to reach out and engage with your students across all touch points in their experience. Enrich your interactions by establishing personalized communication channels that provide measurable results back to you so that you can make informed decisions.