Real Estate CRM Software in Australia

Make your real estate easier to manage with a switch to Zoho CRM by CloudZ Solution.

Our software built from the ground up just for you. Zoho helps you manage every bit of information related to your clients and customers. Ranging from your personal and professional details to demographics and correspondence details to preferences – we can help get everything to your fingertips.

Light up your communication channel today! Keep them always open by sending an email, social media messages, and advertising campaigns. This will keep the clients noted about the latest happenings and offers. Enhance business potential right from the get-go.

CloudZ’s in-depth design team offers granular customization so that you get a clean and simple user interface that gives relevant information in a legible and presentable format. Schedule appointments, chalk out plans and organize yourself with just a few taps. The more organized you are, the higher is the efficiency of your business. The Zoho Blueprint workflow tools can help make things simple and practical. Zia can automate and systemize your tasks.

The best marketing you can do is to take advantage of the customer relationships you already have. In simple terms – having loyal customers and solid relationships are an essential condition for skyrocketing sales and leads.

The essence of our Real estate Zoho CRM software is to give you an all-in-one-type centralized system that more effectively manages, collects and directs customer data, sales processes and marketing activities of your company, as well as improves your customer experience.

Built with the aim of satisfying actual real estate broker in mind, our Real Estate CRM solutions are the best in Australia. With our tools, the broker can fill online requests for the property, organize the showing for potential buyers, track all the property offered for sale, deal with ringing phones nearby, keep pace with all the company’s latest news no matter where he/she is. Engage with customers who are expecting the best possible services in exchange for their large investments with ease.

CRM Software in Australia

Here are the advantages of using our custom built real estate solutions:

Enables better client communication and customer tracking

Customer relationship management developers equip real estate agents with powerful databases, effective transaction and payment modules, automated document generation systems, property search engines, client access portals, executive dashboards systems, and more. Here are some statistics: According to the American National Sales Executives Association, more than 95% of deals are closed between the 2nd and 12th contacts. This is why following up on your clients and staying in touch is so crucial.

Available any time to the agents on-the-go

The Zoho Real estate CRM Software in Australia is entirely cloud-based. This enables isolation, data sovereignty, and global deployment simultaneously. Real estate agents who do not use cloud technologies are really missing out a cheaper capability available any time for your agents. Saved costs and accessibility regardless of location and time are valued features that any real estate businessman will appreciate.

Enhance customer engagement

A real estate agent has to answer phone calls and meet customers, outside brokers and partners, as well as perform a number of other functions simultaneously. Dissatisfaction with answers via phone is what could lead to a loss of customers.

We at CloudZ have found a way to eliminate this issue. Our effective real estate CRM software includes a set of multichannel tools: auto-dialers, powerful websites with the ability to track online activities on them, mobile optimization, integration with Google Apps, powerful websites and simply robust mobile apps. Users, both professionals, and customers can perform many of the same activities they while on the phone but from a friendly, convenient interface.

Powerful Analytics tools

The Zoho Real estate CRM software ecosystem deepens market oversights for real estate agents. Get customized functionality and powerful analytic tools from the Zoho stable of products. These are a must-have for real estate CRM. Take advantage of our CRM solution because of its market-focus features such as the latest prices for a square meter or the time a property spends on the market, generation system reports, commissions between outside and inside brokers, commissions to partners, sales forecasts, etc. Using these predictions you can come up with a clear strategy for the future and make decision-making a lot easier for managers.

The real estate market is definitely not what it used to be just a few years ago. A Zoho Real estate CRM deployed by CloudZ is the right way to position real estate businesses for the long term and stay ahead.

Improve end-to-end real estate business processes

The days of CRM with only standard functionality will eventually fade away. Having a custom CRM services for your real estate company built with your vision in mind and satisfying your specific requirements can be a huge bonus. This is a solid reason why real estate sellers need to invest in CRM. Get better targeting solutions, better planning and control for bargains from an initial inquiry to closure result in our deeply personalized services for customers.