Retail CRM Software in Australia

A well-developed Customer Relationship Management system can be a beast in the retail industry.  A Zoho CRM system customized and deployed by CloudZ Solution serves as a central hub that incorporates sales, marketing, and customer service processes. Just by the click of a button, it provides business owners with an effective tool to combine all sales-related issues and manage the sales process. By using Retail CRM Software in Australia you gain the ability to retain clients and deliver personalized top-notch customer experience to boost sales. Our tools can help you organize all customer data in a structured and easy-to-access way. Furthermore, with CloudZ, you can now develop and fulfill marketing campaigns for your target audience and analyze their effectiveness with charts and graphs. By aligning sales processes and managing customer data you can build long-term and profitable customer relationships.

Among many things,  you can now focus on how CRM can improve your customer segmentation. Our Retail CRM Software tools can easily help you gather information about each of your customers, including preferences and demographic data. With such information, you can segment your market and customize your approach to each group of customers. A perfect example is, if you find you have a large number of sports-minded teenagers in a segment, you can create a youthful sports retail environment. We offer all these capabilities and more at the best price making your customer relationships better than ever.

Why choose Zoho CRM for your retail business

Extend your presence everywhere

Our Zoho CRM lets you engage with leads across all channels. A unique feature called the SalesSignals prompts you when a hot prospect is reading your email, browsing your site, or interacting with your brand on social media.

Apply intelligence in automation

With the help of Zoho’s artificial intelligence, Zia assesses your automated workflows, pointing out areas where improvements can be implemented. By letting automation take care of certain parts of your retail business, you can now spend time more efficiently for your store.

Find the best time to contact

Take charge of time by configuring our Zoho tools to work out the best time to email or call customers and get meaningful response from them. Use all the data that the CRM has collected to good use today.

Create useful data

Get ahead of the game by letting CloudZ tools to include lead demographics and other crucial information along with social media accounts and contact numbers for a richer, more useful database.

Mind and manage territories better

Segment your customers based on territorial boundaries and match them with the right reps, draw insights on territory performance and set them up to exceed sales forecast.


CRM helps you gather information about each of your customers, including preferences and demographic data. You can now use this information to segment your market and customize your approach to each group of customers. The effect of this segmentation based on CRM data is to adjust your retail strategies to better suit the customers you have.


The data you gather within our Zoho CRM system lets you not only target a market segment with promotions that appeal to its members but also to target individual customers. In this way, your personalized CloudZ solution CRM software reduces promotions that are of no interest to the recipient and increases the relevance of material you send out.


Use our Zoho ecosystem of tools to keeps records of customer purchases and customer service calls. Now you can keep track of the products each customer has purchased and whether there have been any warranty or dissatisfaction issues with the purchase. Armed with this information, now you can send out special offers to customers when the products they have purchased reach the end of their lives.


Increase the retention of customers by serving them in a more focused and convenient way with Zoho CRM. You can further increase this effect by using our software to implement customer loyalty programs. Since the applications already track purchases, you can issue reward points and bonuses to keep valuable customers easily. Such programs let you further reduce costs because sales to long term customers are less expensive than sales to new customers and that’s just better business.